Sunday, April 07, 2013


Hey folks,

    First things first, this is your friendly reminder that the April meeting
of the Delmarva United Homebrewers will be taking place this coming
Thursday, April 11th. We'll be meeting in the upstairs dining room at
Dogfish Head, with things getting rolling around 7pm. Bring samples of your
latest creations, if you have any to share, also make sure you bring along
your $1 club donation. It's pizza night at the pub, so come on in for
dinner and the meeting.

    Another event going on this week is Delaware Beer Week at the Pickled Pig
Pub. Monday, April 8th they are featuring Delaware Homebrewers - so if you
have some beer that you would like folks to try, bring it on over to The
Pickled Pig at 6pm. Several of our members are already signed-up, if you
are interested just drop me a note or show up!

    Next on the list is the rescheduled DUH Chili Cookoff.....the date is
Saturday, April 13th. The event will be held (as always) at John & Linda
Novosel's Shipwreck Brewery in Lewes. Happy hour starts at 5pm and chili
tasting starts 'promptly' at 7pm. If you've never attended before, here's
how it works....

Bring a crockpot of your best chili (and a spoon to ladle it out with), and
just like the DUH-Throwdown, vote for your 3 favorite chilis. The results
are then tabulated and the top three chilis usually walk away with prizes
and the winner gets their name 'engraved' on the coveted Pink Pig Trophy.
Bringing chili is not required to attend, and appetizers are always
appreciated. Feel free to bring any samples of your latest libations to
share as well. Here is the important information:

John & Linda Novosel
32043 Conleys Chapel Rd.
Lewes, DE

    Next up: Saturday, May 4th Jess & Terry will be hosting the DUH BIG BREW
Day and National Homebrewing Celebration Day at Jester Acres in Ellendale.
More details will follow, but if you are interested in brewing or helping
others brew that day - let me know. Just like last year, after the brewing,
we'll do the eating and drinking thing :-)

Any questions about any of this, feel free to drop me a note and I'll do my
best not to screw up the answer.