Friday, November 28, 2008

December Meeting Scheduled

Well, it's holiday time again....which means we need to move the meeting away from the cozy confines of Dogfish Head's pub. Alas, the December meeting will be held right here at Jess & Terry's house in scenic Ellendale.

The date is December 11th. Anytime after 5pm is fine for arrival. Bring a dish to share, if you would like to, but it is definitely not required. Bring your fermented creations along, and I'll make sure we have something(s) on-tap so you won't be tempted to invade my beer cellar.

If you need directions, or any questions answered....give us a call at 302-422-6906 or drop me an email or....SHOCKER....leave a response at this ever-so-worthwhile blog.

Hope to see everyone here....and wishing everyone a happy holiday season!

Dead Terry

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