Friday, December 09, 2005

Fordham Meeting.

I don’t know about everyone else but I had a blast last evening at Fordham. Mike and Walter were very gracious hosts and it was great to meet other Delaware brewers. Highlights for me were the Belgian Triple (Corny Keg in the middle) the vanilla porter, both from our friends up north, as well as John Novosel’s Pumpkin. Also a highlight was the return of Degroen’s Dopplebock. I told many of you last evening that I had an annual tradition of heading down to Baltimore Brewing Company right around the holidays to pick up a growler to two. Without it Christmas would not be the same.

I’ll be writing up a big old fat thank you letter for the folks at Fordham and I’ll be sure to post the text here.

Here are a few photos from the meeting.

More Introductions

The sign says it all
The Tour
First State Brewers
Billy Dee




The Delawarean said...

I told you that you'd get addicted to blogging. See, now you've got your own site and it's all down hill from there...

Next thing you know, this blog will be a message board / forum.

GDSever said...

Hey... If anybody wants recipes for the brews I brought, just let me know. I sent a few of them to Terry in PDF format. You can also mail me at webmaster @

Thanks again for having us down... as the 2006 First State Brewers president, I hope we can schedule another activity sometime during 2006 to bring our groups together again - perhaps hosted by a Dover homebrew club???? (Get to work you doverites.) Our little club competition this year definitely needed more entries... maybe a Delmarva regional competition or something? Picnic? All-day Lord of The Rings / Star Wars marathon accompanied by copious kegs of homebrew? Just throwing out ideas.

Keep in Touch... Garrett

GDSever said...

Oh yeah... one more thing. Put your blog on our portal page at in the featured links section as well as in the links page... you guys should get some traffic and bot-crawling instantly as our page does get alot of hits... Let me know if you guys actually get more than a blog out there and we'll link to that too.