Tuesday, April 11, 2006


OH YEAH! It's time for the April club meeting. Sorry to those of you who will be observing Passover, or those who aren't allowed out on evenings when there's a full moon (and you hairy bastages know who you are), but the April meeting is Thursday, April 13th. We'll meet at Dogfish Head Brewings & Eats (upstairs) in Rehoboth sometime around 7pm. Bring your latest creations or samples from your latest trip (DUDE!), and we'll pass them around for everyone to try. Unleaven bread welcome, just leave the lambs blood at home (Ok Moses?), and please....no Silver Bullets (of either kind).
On the agenda for discussion will be, first and foremost, the summer schedule for meetings. If you want to host a meeting during the months of June, July, August or September (remember, it's the 2nd Thursday of the month), then bring it.......YO! ALSO, we'll try to finalize a couple of dates for some club events (i.e. Wing-Fest '06, Club Competition '06, Idiot-Fest 2010). We're still looking for club dues also.......
FINALLY, mark your calendars (your 2006 calendars, duh!) for "A Good Time Gone Bad 2006" (formerly known as "The Stone-Cutters Annual No-Homers Picnic"). YES, it's the return of the Crabby Pig-fest held at my undisclosed location in Ellendale, Delaware. The date is June 17th....details to follow......

Hope to see everyone at the meeting........

Peace - Out!
Dead Terry


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