Thursday, October 04, 2007


This will be quick since I have stuff to do, I don't feel well and therefore my 'skills' are compromised. The October meeting will be held Thursday October 11th at 7pm. We'll be meeting back at Dogfish Head in Rehoboth Beach. It's pizza night, so come in for dinner and hang out for the meeting/tasting.
Hope to see everyone there!


Dead Terry

*Ok Mike, you can now shred me with your commentary.....


MikeT said...

You have skills? Wow, didn't know.

Sorry I missed this one. We camped at Trap Pond and headed up to the Apple Scrapple fest on Saturday.

Punkin Chunkin in a few weeks... You in?

Dead Terry said...

Hey Mike, had a good turn out this month...a bunch of new faces. Hope you enjoyed the apples and the scrapple.

We ARE in for the Chunk. We're competing this year with a 29-foot tall trebuchet. Team name is The Great Gourde Experiment, so we'll be there all 3 days....with PLENTY of beer. Definitley stop by. You know it's in Bridgeville this year? Larger field and what is stated to be better viewing for the audience.

Talk to ya soon!


P.S. I hope Marshawn Lynch runs all-over your Ravens this weekend!