Tuesday, March 26, 2013

DUH Chili Cookoff

Just wanted to get an early notice out about the rescheduled DUH Chili

Cookoff.....the date is Saturday, April 13th. The event will be held (as

always) at John & Linda Novosel's Shipwreck Brewery in Lewes. Happy hour

starts at 5pm and chili tasting starts 'promptly' at 7pm. If you've never

attended before, here's how it works....

Bring a crockpot of your best chili (and a spoon to ladle it out with), and

just like the DUH-Throwdown, vote for your 3 favorite chilis. The results

are then tabulated and the top three chilis usually walk away with prizes

and the winner gets their name 'engraved' on the coveted Pink Pig Trophy.

Bringing chili is not required to attend, and appetizers are always

appreciated. Feel free to bring any samples of your latest libations to

share as well. Here is the important information:

John & Linda Novosel

32043 Conleys Chapel Rd.

Lewes, DE


Next up: we have scheduled a strategy meeting for the upcoming National

Homebrewers Conference (which takes place in June). The meeting is going to

be held this coming Saturday (March 30th) at Jimmy & Lori's house in Felton.

If you are interested in helping out with this event - come out for the

gathering, which starts at 11am. Of course, there will be food and

beverages involved :-) . So bring your ideas, and if you want to bring

something to share, we'll see you on Saturday!

Any questions about any of this, feel free to drop me a note and I'll do my

best not to screw up the answer.



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